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The power of Deep tech

Welcome to our popular Executive Summit where we present a marathon of nine real-life cases with our sharpest Deep Tech members and their customers! This time fully digital and available for you wherever you might be!

Find out how great companies solved a customer problem, what the results were and what they came to learn in an inspiring, interesting and thought provoking way. Confirmed presenters include: 

Cases are carefully mixed with three Insights on important technologies and concepts for Executives to be aware of and bring home to ensure that strategies and plans are kept up to date.

We will wrap up the afternoon with presenting Wall of Fame #7 and a wrap-up of what's cooking at THINGS!

Limited number of tickets are available for purchase, available on first-come-first-serve basis for 150€+VAT/ticket. 

THINGS Members get tickets for free by using a "member code". Visit our website to find out more about THINGS Membership for Startups and Corporates.

The deadline to join Ignite Matchmaking has passed, but if you wish to join  future Ignite Matchmakings or have any questions regarding the Executive Summit, please contact Magnus Melander at

No-show fee: Please note that we apply a No-show fee of 150€ for free tickets that are not used. As we have a limited number of participants, booking a ticket and not using it  will stop another person from attending. If your plans change, please cancel your ticket by March 21 to allow someone else to enjoy the event.

*Note: The event will be recorded. THINGS reserves the right to use the recording for promotional purposes i.e. uploading to our YouTube channel, THINGS - Innovation Growhouse. Zoom records only persons speaking during the event. As a participant, please write your name clearly so we can identify attendance, and feel free to switch off your camera.




A joint Ignite matchmaking event on Smart Manufacturing


Executive Summit: The Power of Deep Tech

Magnus Melander introducing this year's theme: The Power of Deep Tech

Insight: Private Mobile Networks - a game changer

Aniruddho Basu, SVP & GM – Head of Global Emerging Business at Mavenir Networks

Case: AI-Enabled Visual Inspection in the Japanese Construction Industry

Adrian Sossna, VP of Global Sales at HACARUS

Case: Edge learnings – A insight is worth a thousand Terabytes

Daniel Spahr, COO at Stream Analyze
Sofie Tressing, Product Manager - Software Product Enablers at Zenseact

Case: Gesture controlled in-ear headphones

Anders Hardebring, CEO at Imagimob


Insight: Circular innovation in action

Anna-Karin Lindblom, Director Innovation Group at Husqvarna

Case: In four weeks SH Teksor Oy got a proactive intrusion alert system with real time monitoring from Buddywise

Lamin Faye, CEO and Co-founder at Buddywise

Case: Ekkono and Acobia built full scale Edge ML solution for Øresundsbron in three months

Anders Alneng, Co-founder and VP of Sales at Ekkono
Katarina Cornelius, CEO at Acobia

Case: Univrses help Stockholm and Swedish Transport Administration serve the demand for urban environment data

Jonathan Selbie, CEO at Univrses


Insight: LTE-M, a mix of wireless narrowband and broadband is here!

Anders Nilsson, Senior Sales Manager at Tele2 IoT

Case: How Spotscale brings insights about buildings to COOR’s customers

Katarina Nylander, Co-founder at Spotscale

Case: The toyota way meets industry 4.0

Oscar Wallner, Business Development & CFO at MTEK Industry

Case: AI in control systems for process industry

Martin Rugfelt, CEO and Founder at Sentian

THINGS Celebration

Wall of Fame #7 & THINGS Summary with Linda Krondahl


Magnus Melander
Evangelist & Co-Founder at THINGS

Aniruddho Basu
SVP & GM – Head of Global Emerging Business at Mavenir

Adrian V.J Sossna
VP of Global Sales at Hacarus

Daniel Sphar
COO at Stream Analyze

Sofie Tressing
Product Manager - Software Product Enabler at Zenseact

Anders Hardebring
CEO and Co-founder at Imagimob

Anna-Karin Lindblom
Director Group Innovation at Husqvarna Group

Lamin Faye
CEO and Co-founder at Buddywise

Anders Alneng
Co-founder and VP of Sales at Ekkono

Katarina Cornelius
CEO at Acobia

Jonathan Selbie
CEO at Univrses

Anders Nilsson
Senior Sales Manager at Tele2 IoT

Katarina Nylander
Executive Board Member at Spotscale

Mattias Andersson
CEO and Founder at MTEK Industry

Martin Rugfelt
CEO and Founder at Sentian

Linda Krondahl
CEO & Co-Founder at THINGS

We will use a digital tool called Zoom. A link will be provided to you. Zoom is free and requires no downloading. Though we advise downloading their desktop app for better user experience. 


THINGS is a six years old, self-financed, international Deep tech and innovation hub based in Stockholm. We are focused on industry, infrastructure, utilities and mobility with the vision to transform innovation in small focused companies into large scale value creation through collaboration with corporates. Our objective is to enable sustainable business relationships between Deep tech companies and established companies and typical technology areas we work with are IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics and low power system design. We have about 100 members - 50/50 tech companies and established companies from Tokyo to Silicon Valley - and partners in key markets including EU, Italy, UK, US, Turkey and Spain. We are housed within a 2,000m2 co-working space at the campus of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm for members and events. For more information please visit


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